Intelligent Millionaires Network

Intelligent Millionaires Network

The Intelligent Millionaires Network, IMN, is not a club, it is the network that will help you make your first million, your first ten million, or your first 100 million in business.  

IMN is a global network that starts within your local community.  IMN has chapters all over the world.  From the United States, to Canada, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Copenhagen, Germany, Switzerland, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur, we have entrepreneurs and investors from all over who are looking to find deals, partners and/or invest in new business ideas. Our platform gives you the tools to grow your business in a positive and supportive community of business owners and investors of different calibers.  

The Intelligent Millionaires Network helps our members by giving them access to learn from an assortment of materials.  Local meetings run each month that bring in a local business expert / millionaire who shares their strategies and secrets to their business success.  Topics of discussion vary, from organizational structure, processes, product implementation, marketing, building a brand, hiring the right team, and scaling a business are just a few of the many types.  

“We don’t just teach people how to become successful business owners, we create millionaires.”

We don't teach people how to become a millionaire, we create them. The best way to become one is to learn from our local and global millionaires, who have been there, done that, and continue to make money in their business. Now our members are being taken on this journey. You strategize and network each month with local millionaires / business owners in the Copenhagen area in Denmark. Because all of our meetings are recorded, members can see speakers from all over the world to help grow their business.

Helena Vernholm and Thomas Vernholm are two of the Club Owners for The Intelligent Millionaires Network (IMN) Copenhagen in Denmark.

Thomas Vernholm is a full time serial entrepreneur. His focus turned from being the top within media sales and recruitment sales to real estate investments and real estate sourcing. Thomas is born and raised north of Copenhagen in Denmark, but now resides in Algarve, Portugal where he lives with his business partner and wife Helena Vernholm.

Helena Vernholm is a full time entrepreneur focusing on real estate operations. Helena has 20 years of experience in business development, international project development, information systems development, financial planning and entrepreneurial experience particularly with focus on business success, brand strategy, real estate investments and real estate sourcing. Helena is a certified investment management analyst and has worked as an Investment Manager both in Scandinavia and in Sydney, Australia. Helena has previously worked for Googles vendor in Copenhagen, Denmark for approximately four years as an Google AdWords and Google Analytics marketing strategist for Google's Ad-agency partners throughout Scandinavia. Helena is born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden and now resides in Algarve, Portugal together with her partner in life and in business, her husband Thomas Vernholm.